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Laser Tracker

The Laser Tracker : The Measurement Revolution in Precision Engineering

Laser Trackers are amazingly fast and accurate instruments. They are portable, quickly set up and are capable of measuring objects both large and small.

Accuracies are in the order of 10 microns per metre of object size.

The use of a Laser Tracker in various industries

High accuracy

We use a Leica Laser Tracker for high accuracy assembly and inspection of product lines in aerospace, automative and other industries.

This mobile coordinate measuring system guarantees reduced downtime of production lines, which leads to shortest return of investment and highest productivity.

Large scale measurement

Applying a hand held reflector the operator can freely probe the object. He receives real time feedback on actual to design deviations.

A unique measurement volume with a diameter of up to 70 metres allows us to measure small and large objects such as aeroplanes with up to a micron accuracy.



Real Time

We are able to carry out surface inspections with the Laser Tracker achieving a high measurement rate of up to 1000 points per second.

In real-time the analysis software we use presents actual to design deviations to determine out of tolerance areas on the surface. Alternatively, thousands of points can be delivered for reverse engineering.

Ease of use

Complex structures such as assembly boxes in the automative industry can be inspected and built with high reliability utilising the Laser Tracker system.


Assembly tools in industry have been built for many years with Laser Trackers.

We perform periodical inspections, repeatability tests and other tasks with a high degree of automation.

Reliable hardware

The high-speed tracking capability and the proven reliable hardware of the Laser Tracker satisfies the stringent requirements of machine guidance or calibration applications.

Robot calibration, accuracy improvement of drilling machines or automation of wing to body assembly are just some examples of machine control applications.



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