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Latest Leica GPS hardware and software employed - ideal for large scale surveys and for the collection of data for normal mapping and input into Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Now available - rapid and direct links to Ordnance Survey mapping data.

Ideal for rapid detailed surveying in open areas.

Total Stations

Uses range from monitoring the positions of land and buildings, precision setting out and measurement of machine parts.

Our versatile range of instruments available offer:

High accuracy
+0.2mm at close range
+0.4 at 120 metres

Reflectorless capabilities enables inaccessible points to be easily measured from ground level.

Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) enhances speed and accuracy of work.

Digital Levels

Levelling accuracies to the thickness of the human hair.

Ultra precision with high productivity.


Highly skilled CAD operators.

In-house programming available for specialist or unusual projects.

3D modelling and reverse engineering.



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